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Meditation Courses and Mindfulness based services in County Louth

Mindfulness practices to relieve anxiety

Are you feeling anxious, been diagnosed with anxiety symptoms or have a family member with anxiety?

Anxiety is the body’s natural response to danger, an automatic alarm that goes off when we feel threatened but when it becomes overwhelming or it interferes with activities such as sleep its time to take action.

“To begin helping yourself to find relief  from anxiety click on the picture above and listen to this short mindfulness practice”

A Mindfulness meditation course will teach you

how to focus  the mind. In doing so you will learn

that thoughts are not real things and that when

you can let them go without judging yourself for

having them, your mind

will become calmer.

The most important thing with Mindfulness practices is that they be    

done regularly. We offer courses and continued support to help with

learning and maintaining the practices that we teach. Over a period of

a few weeks of practice, your anxiety should subside and you will feel

more in control of your life.

Our telephone sessions are free, we also offer reduced rates for unwaged or low-waged as we believe that everyone that needs them should be able learn mindfulness meditation practices.

Call or text 087-0555858 or click here…now to make a free introductory inquiry.

Click here…. for information on mindfulness meditation courses beginning in January 2017

Sessions are available on phone, Skype and other Internet platforms

Mindfulness practices can help calm us down, reducing symptoms such as the mind racing and palpitations. The practices, when done regularly, can also help us to think more clearly and restore normal sleep patterns.